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A dedication to Cudeca fot Tommy Muir

I recently lost my mother, aged 68, to pancreatic cancer and my best friend, mother of 2, aged 38 to sarcoma. Both of these people were incredibly close to me and were cared for by hospices in the final stages of their lives. In both instances I was astounded by the level of expertise, compassion and empathy they received. Nothing was too much trouble and their wish was always the hospices command. The lengths nurses go to, to make patients comfortable and pain free in their final hour of need is simply astounding.
I feel so strongly about the hospice system and how incredible the level of care is and will do anything to help them where possible.
I am a new mum with a 5 month old baby have  decided to run a half marathon in los angeles for cancer research and Cudeca. I know how much the hospice system relies on donations, volunteers and fundraising. Without the hospice system, cancer patients and their families would suffer way more than necessary and be cheated of a very special system of care.
I am continually astounded at the hospice staff and their compassion. their level of experience in this sensitive and difficult area of patient care is second to none and so honorable.
It upsets me to think that hospices struggle to survive. without hospices cancer patients will have to suffer more than is necessary when they are in pain and overwhelmed with the prospect of death. Many of the nurses and staff are volunteers and in my eyes deserve a medal for the way they take care of cancer patients. It is simply incredible.
This support system is essential to the process of dying with cancer. It's a level of care that no hospital has the time or money to offer. For families, to look after their loved ones at home is stressful and often impossible. To have the back up of hospice doctors and nurses to visit patients at home or to be admitted into a hospice is a luxury that should not be taken for granted.
Cancer is effecting the population world over and is not going away. To think the hospice system struggles financially is a crime. anything that we can do in the community to help them is a bonus and we should not wait to experience the hospice system first hand to realize and support what they do.
Please donate  for this good cause and give anything you can. I know times are hard but be rest assured that your money is going to a good cause.
Thank you
Kate Shepherd

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