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Although the patient usually prefers to be at home, it is sometimes necessary for them to be admitted into a "special centre" because of complex physical or emotional situations that need intensive and continuous professional care, or care at the end of life. In-patient care can also be provided in order to give some respite to the family who are providing constant care.

The Cudeca in-patient unit has been planned with the technology and professionalism of a hospital, together with a very special care environment. The design of the unit creates a feeling of warmth and enables the team to offer a high standard of palliative care.

The in-patient Unit has 9 rooms, 3 of which are for single use, the rest for double use. Each room has its own bathroom and private terrace overlooking the secluded garden. The doors between the room and the terrace are wide enough to allow the bed to be moved outside.

Rooms are spacious, allowing families and friends to visit the patient without restrictions on numbers. Rooms are also furnished with a reclining chair which allows for a family member to stay overnight.
There is a separate family room where family members can rest apart from the patient but still be close at hand.
The special children’s play room allows families with young children to visit.

A multi-faith chapel, situated at the entrance to the In-Patients Unit, is open to all those who may need space for private prayer or spiritual reflection. The hospice ethos of caring for the whole person recognises that spiritual care is as important as caring for the patient´s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

People admitted as in-patients are looked after by Palliative Care Specialists, who are supported by a team of health professionals - nurses, a physiotherapist, a psychologist and a social worker. Trained volunteers are also in attendance for the patients who need their support.
Carers are also able to access support from staff with specialist training.
Cudeca in -patient team aims are to provide highly specialised care to relieve complex distressing physical symptoms, and emotional or social problems. This is achieved through an initial integral assessment of the situation, both of patient and family, leading to the establishment of a personalised care treatment plan and daily follow-ups, by the Cudeca palliative care consultant and a team of highly qualified nurses on duty 24 hours a day.
Support to the family is extended through out the bereavement period.

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