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Welcome to our ‘new look’ Cudeca Hospice website. In the fast moving world of electronic communication, changes are occuring all the time and we are indebted to the Consejeria de Innovacion, Cienca y Empresa at the Junta de Andalucia for financing this updated insight into the various functions of Cudeca.

Our new design incorporates the very latest technology and we hope that you will find the information pages about the special palliative end-of-life care offered by Cudeca medical specialists and our need for funding this care, to be both useful and easy to understand.

Let me introduce myself and give you a brief resumé. I am Joan Hunt, OBE, President and Founder of the NGO registered Charity “Cudeca Foundation”. The Hospice Centre is in Benalmádena, Málaga on the south coast of Spain, Costa del Sol (the coast of sun). It has been constructed on land that has been donated by the local municipality of Benalmádena.  

The charity was registered in 1992 and has evolved over the years to form a complete and comprehensive organisation offering all aspects of palliative care, given without cost to patients suffering from a non-curable illness. Information about our medical teams and the care they offer are explained in the section “Care & Support”. The majority of our personnel are Spanish and all are bi-lingual Spanish/English. This availability of a mimumin of two languages is a great comfort to our patients who come to us from a multinational community, but of whom 80% are Spanish nationals.

The charity has succeeded because of the understanding and needs of the local international community. Our first request for medical help came in 1992, almost at the commencement of our fundraising. At that time we responded with voluntary support, which over the years has developed into professional palliative care teams. From those early days, the number of patients who now receive our care and family support, is approximately 600 each year.

Our history and growth is exciting and shows what can be done by people who have the will and determination to achieve. We are fortunate to have the help of such people, volunteers with total commitment, a caring and generous community and most of all a professional management team to coordinate all the energies and enthusiasm into an entity of warm human compassion and care which create the special care of Cudeca.

There is still a lot more for us to do but first we have to finance the units we have founded. To do this we desperately need financial help and we are hoping that the number of donors will equal the number of patients by the end of 2008. For instance, a target of 5000 donors giving €10 each month will bring €600,000 (which is the shortfall we faced at the end of 2007) and which will save our In-patient unit from closure.

We cannot add days to life, but our special care can add life to days.
We need your help to achieve this. You will find ways of helping us in the sections “Volunteers” and “Fundraising”.



Avenida del Cosmos, s/n
29631 - Arroyo de la Miel
Málaga, Spain
Telephone:(0034)952 56 49 10

Registered Charity No. MA/728