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- Opening of 11th Cudeca Charity Shop in Marbella.
- 6 April 2006 Official Inaurguration of the Hospice Palliative Care Centre.
2007 Fifteen years completed
- Total patients: Almost 5.000 patients treated
- Average income per annum (last 5 years) : €1.3 million
- Provision of Care Cost per annum : €2.1 million
- Now almost 600 volunteers helping Cudeca
- Opening of 12th Cudeca Charity Shop in Málaga El Palo.
- Cudeca 15th Anniversary Bebo Valdés Concert in Teatro Cervantes, Málaga


- More than 5,000 patients and families attended since 1992.
- Renewal of the Agreement with SAS (Andalusian Public Health Service) on the founding of a 65% of three home care primary equipments for 2009-2010. 

 - Renewal of the collaboration agreement with the Ayuntamiento of El Rincón de la Victoria in order to attend patients in that town by our 4th Home Care Team.
- Comprehensive training programme during 2008: 

-  3 courses on basic palliative care and one course on palliative emergency care for SAS professionals.

- 3rd caring the carer workshop, 2nd Bioethics workshop, 1st advanced workshop on symptoms control, 1st Alexander Technique workshop and 1st advanced Excel course.

- 3rd Cudeca Foundation and Luis Portero Foundation Conference in Málaga.

- 1st Cudeca Volunteer Day

- 1st Community nursing Day 

- Andalusian Psychology and Local institutions award. Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía oriental (distinguished East Andalusian Psychologists Association).

- Eduardo Ocón Rivas of Humanities award. Excmo. Ayuntamiento of Benamocarra.

- Award from the Women’s Democratic Association of Fuengirola.

- 608 volunteers actively collaborating with Cudeca.

- Thanks to the campaign “Save the In-Patient Unit” 2.4 million Euros was received in 2008, which allowed us to continue with our care service throughout 2009.

- Cudeca’s 13th Charity Shop is opened in Torre del Mar for the exclusive sale of second-hand furniture.


- 1st prize International Journal of Palliative Nursing of 2009, for Volunteering category.
- Estrellas Costa del Sol Award for Fundación Cudeca’s humanitarian work, given by the Ayuntamiento of Benalmádena.
- Institution CIT Marbella 2009 award given by the Association of Business Professionals of Marbella.
- MWA award for the best Web Site of Andalucia, in the Associations category, given by Cibersur, Sevilla.
- 1st prize “Malagueños Solidarios” awarded by Diario Sur, Málaga.
- More than 5,800 patients attended since 1992.
- More than 650 people given support from the Hospice Centre.
- “Ratón” Award for the best web page in Andalucia given by the Junta de Andalucia.
- “Sentir Málaga” Award from the Association Málaga Siglo XXI for Cudeca Hospice.
- Lágrimas y Favores Foundation include Cudeca Hospice as a beneficiary in their statutes, together with the University of Málaga.
- Joan Hunt O.B.E. nominated as Honorary Member by Paul Harris of the Rotary Club International.
-  Volunteer Network Award “Proyecto de Voluntariado en Red” from the Junta de Andalucia.
- "Malagueños Solidarios" Award for Recycling and Voluntary Work in charity shops given by the Ayuntamiento of Málaga, Diario Sur and Agapea.
- Award in the category of "Networking" given by Agencia Andaluza del Voluntariado (Andalusian Agency of Volunteers).


- More than 6,500 patients attended since 1992
- More than 750 people given support from the Hospice Centre.
- Award from Diario Sur for the best web pages in Málaga since 2010, chosen by the public.
- Award " Solidaridad Carrefour" to the NGO most voted in the project "Cauce Causas Cercanas".
- Special Award from "Fundación General de la UMA" (University of Málaga Foundation) in recognition of Cudeca’s social work.
- Award from the Official College of Doctors for Promoción de la Salud for 2010.
- "Huella" Award from the Rotary Club of Málaga.
- Award Solidaridad Colectiva 2011 from the Concejalia de Solidaridad – Ayuntamiento de Benalmádena.
- "Colega" Award given by the "Asociación Colega" of Málaga.
- MC Mutual Award “Antonio Baró”.
- “Premio Popular” 2011 Award given by "Grupo del Partido Popular" from Málaga.
- More than 7,500 patients attended since 1992.
- More than 750 people given support from the Cudeca Centre.
- Gold Medal from the Diputación de Málaga.
- The XIII Victoria Kent Award from the PSOE Torremolinos.
- Tile from PSOE Torremolinos.

- More than 8,000 patients attended since 1992.
- More than 800 people given support from the Cudeca Centre.
-  Ricardo Urdiales named as new President of Cudeca Foundation.
   Joan Hunt O.B.E., Honorary President.
   Susan Hannam, Vice President.
- Recognition by Bankia for the promotion of Cudeca’s Care Programme and Paliative Care.
- Award from the Association of Andalucian Foundations, Social section.
- “H de Oro” award from the Official College of Pharmacists from Málaga.
- The Málaga Red Cross Bronze Medal.
- More than 900 patients attended since 1992.
- More than 9,000 people given support from the Cudeca Centre.
- Joan Hunt receives Andalusia Day Award - Junta de Andalucía.
- "Premio de Excelencia" Award, Benalmádena Town Hall.
-  "Solidario del Año" Award, Malaga Writers´ Association "Amigos de Málaga"
-  La Opinión de Málaga Award. Social category.
- Best Initiative Quemist Award 2014. Correo Farmacéutico.
- CIT Award. Círculo de Empresarios de Torremolinos.
More than 1,200 patients attended since 1992.

More than 12,000 people given support from the Cudeca Centre.
- Gazpachuelo de Honor Award– Grupo de amigos Gazpachuelo.
- “Vendimiador de Honor 2016” Award - The Mayor of Cómpeta, D. Obdulio Pérez Fernández.
- "Premio al Dolor 2016 Chiclana" Award. Asociación Andaluza del Dolor.
- "Estepona Social Solidaria" Award. Ayuntamiento de Estepona.








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29631 - Arroyo de la Miel
Málaga, Spain
Telephone:(0034)952 56 49 10

Registered Charity No. MA/728