Cudeca Foundation (hereinafter called ‘Cudeca’) is a non-profit making private charity in Benalmádena (Málaga). Its registered office is at Avda. del Cosmos s/n and registered under number MA/728 in the Registry of Andalusian Foundations (Registro de Fundaciones de Andalucía) and Tax Identification Number (CIF): G-9218205.

Cudeca ensures the protection and safeguard of all personal data collected through its web page pursuant to Spain’s law on the protection of personal data (LOPDAP: Ley Orgánica 15/99 de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) and its law on information society and e-commerce services (LSSICE: Ley 34/2002 de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico). Cudeca seeks to ensure and protect the privacy of everyone who collaborates with us.

Cudeca is responsible for all computerised personal data files registered with the Data Protection Agency (Agencia de Protección de datos) under registry numbers 2082731870, 2082731871, 2082731873 and 2082731868. These files are kept for administrative and statistical purposes as well as for the purpose of sending information about Cudeca.

How Personal Information is Used

Whenever you purchase something, become a member or volunteer and/or make a gift through Cudeca’s web site, your personal details are requested, including your personal ID number, simply for identification purposes and in order to improve our services and updates. Statistics are always kept in such a manner that information on a particular individual is never analysed. In financial transactions, a sending address and banking details shall be requested in order to make purchases. A Tax Identification number (NIF) is also requested in order to send you a tax certificate so that you can claim tax relief on the gifts you wish to make.

The Safeguard of Data Protection and Privacy

Credit card numbers are never stored in our computer system. They are sent though a secure system of a bank in order to validate the transaction, but they are not stored in our data base, unless someone registers as a member, since bank details are requested in order to charge monthly membership fees.
Cudeca will never transfer, sell or rent personal data to other organisations or data bases.

We only transfer information to another organisation during credit card verification and when charging to the account the purchase price, where we send the credit card number and expiration date via La Caixa Security System.

You can access, update or delete your personal information at any time via email ( or by telephoning on (34) 95 256 49 10 between 9.00 and 5.30, Monday to Friday or please write to us at the following address: Cudeca Avda. del Cosmos s/n Benalmádena (España) 29631

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