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1st Caregivers Meeting of the Guadalhorce Valley
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On December 14, we organized the 1st Caregivers Meeting of the Guadalhorce Valley in Cártama Estación in recognition of the valuable work that caregivers offer their relatives and loved ones in advanced stages of illnesses.
This meeting concludes the project to improve communication via videoconference providing advice with the nurses and psychologists expert in palliative care from the Cudeca Hospice in the Guadalhorce region. This project has been financed by the Provincial Council of Malaga through a grant for technological and social innovation in our province of 17,000€. It has had the continued collaboration of the Malaga-Guadalhorce Health District.
The meeting was attended by:
Cudeca Foundation Project Medical Manager: Mónica López
Cudeca Foundation Volunteer Project Manager: Aurea Peralta
Deputy for Citizen Participation: Félix Lozano
Medical Director: Bernardo Herrera García
Cártama Estación Health Center Case Management Nurse: Lola Camuñez
Cudeca Home Care Team of the Guadalhorce Area: Luis Domínguez (nurse) and Cristina Loring (psychologist)
Caregivers and relatives of Cudeca patients by also attended the meeting.
Cudeca Hospice welfare volunteers.
The project is known as “Video Communication and Counselling". This provides high technology to care for caregivers' of the Cudeca Hospice. It has been developed during 2017, aimed to facilitate the work of caregivers. Three very innovative strategies were presented:
1- The use of new technologies which improve the continuity and closeness of the advice in the care and emotional environment provided by nursing and psychology experts in palliative care of the Cudeca Foundation.

2- Providing training for caregivers in both fields through Workshops on Practical Tips for better care and tools for emotional self-care.

3- Bringing voluntary assistance and transport of Cudeca to the Guadalhorce Valley.
Communication and the sharing of experiences among the participants, with their own testimonies enriched caregivers, volunteers and health professionals, facilitated at the Caregivers Meeting. It ended with the awarding of the Cudeca sunflower and a diploma to each of the caregivers in appreciation for their valuable work for society.
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